Knowledge is power, and this is especially true in today’s digitally connected world.  Having a reliable system in place to protect your information is critical to your IT security.  The Dark Web is a hotbed for the resale of stolen credentials, personal information, and other sensitive data that could be used to exploit your business and privacy.

Almost everyone has been impacted by a security breach at one time or another.  There is a strong possibility that your personal or business information could be found on the Dark Web.  By layering in a Dark Web monitoring solution, you arm yourself with knowledge of what credentials and data are currently exposed and are alerted of any new information that is discovered.  Identifying these risks in advance allows you to proactively change passwords, prevent would-be security breaches, and hedge against the exploitation of private data.

In our current work-from-home climate, phishing emails are becoming more common and more effective.  It is impossible to guarantee that no one in your organization has lost credentials or if a web account was compromised on the vendor’s end.  Real-time Dark Web monitoring increases your chances of being aware and subverting a would-be hacker’s malicious attempt to compromise your business.

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First published in our June 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter