Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology have been on the rise for years and is about to hit mainstream.  As tech giants like Apple prepare to throw their hat in the ring and offer AR glasses, we expect to see a significant increase in their popularity.

Google developed their own version of AR glasses, known as Google Glass.  Currently, Google Glass is geared towards enterprises and has found preliminary success with warehouses, high-tech production lines, and even for doctors.  For example, warehouse workers might use their AR glasses to find the location of a particular part or determine what material was needed for a specific task.

Previously, AR-based glasses faced a low adoption rate but with virtual technology on the rise in the entertainment and gaming industries, we can expect to see more people eager to give them a try.  While this does raise certain privacy concerns, augmenting reality with helpful information has the potential to impact businesses and drive more innovative solutions in areas such as quality assurance.  If AR glasses become as much of a household staple as smartphones, the glasses also will open new markets for better logistic management and entertainment companies alike.

What do you think about AR glasses?  What potential advantages are you most excited about for the burgeoning technology?

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First published in our April 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter