No! The answer to this question is not Ghostbusters.

Why? Because this question is about… who you are going to call as a resource to be your eyes and ears when you are unavailable or on vacation.

That question was asked recently by one of our newest clients. In today’s lean corporate environment, we meet a lot of folks like this new client. He is the lone IT resource in the New Jersey/United States headquarters of a global specialty manufacturer which has been around for over 250 years! His multiple local servers and numerous computers are the arteries upon which the lifeblood of this global company runs. If anything is down, business stops, orders do not come in, shipments do not go out, and customers are unhappy. This client is a very smart and dedicated person, but sometimes he needs to get away. So, when he finally booked a long-term, summer vacation, he questioned:

Who am I going to call to fill in for me?
What outside IT resource can I trust?
What IT resource will be responsive and responsible to address issues the way I want?

After interviewing several firms, his answer was IT Radix! We are thrilled to be working with this firm and look forward to working with them for a very long time…maybe the next 250 years?

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