From the desk of:  Cathy Coloff

As we wrap up our zoo newsletter theme, I’ve done more reading than I usually do on our environment, the importance of zoos, biodiversity and more.  There is a short video bouncing around the Internet, particularly on Facebook (check out my feed if you want to see it), about the re-introduction of 14 wolves into Yellowstone Park and their impact on not only the wildlife but also the actual course of rivers.  To me, it’s absolutely amazing how interconnected everything is.  Fourteen is not a big number, but what a difference these 14 wolves made.

I like to think that little ol’ me, like the wolves, can make a similar positive impact on our world.  For me, it starts at home—by raising our son to be a responsible, contributing individual.  Not easy!  He, like many young kids, lives very much in the “now.”  It makes me so proud when he stops our bike ride to pick up all the plastic bottles left behind on the side of our local bike trail.  Once it was so much, I had to make use of the “doggy bags” located at the trailhead!  I’ve learned to always take an empty plastic bag everywhere I go to hold whatever trash he might generate or pick up.

In our community, I’m pleased to be part of FAMILYConnections, a non-profit organization that envisions a world where all children, adults, and families are nurtured, educated, and empowered by safe, healthy, inclusive communities.  I recently learned about their HomeSafe program; and again, I was amazed at how a small program could benefit not only the FAMILYConnections clients but also the New Jersey taxpayers.  Once again, I’m reminded how interconnected we all are.

What about at IT Radix?  We might not be changing the course of rivers, but we’re changing the course of business by helping our clients succeed.  It may be a little tip that one of our techs shares with a user or it could be avoiding a ransomware attack…but I know that what we do makes a difference, and that’s why I love IT Radix!

First published in our June 2017 IT Radix Resource newsletter