One of our newest clients is a financial advisory firm that helps businesses and families implement strategies that allow their clients’ assets to grow to meet their goals.  The firm works with highly successful people and organizations.  As it turns, our client’s previous IT Support provider was not as diligent as they claimed.  Our client was told that the IT firm was always working behind the scenes, but in fact, they were not even there—they were further away, doing nothing.

When we brought this new client on board, we immediately found that their key computer and network equipment had not undergone updates in months.  Of course, our client assumed that the previous IT provider was delivering these services according to their agreed contract.  Sadly, this was not the case.  Our client decided to partner with IT Radix leveraging our Capstone IT Management and Support plan, which provides them with unlimited support and remedial work for any issues that arise with servers, PC workstations, network switches, firewalls, and email.

While IT Radix does a lot of work behind the scenes, we also stay in front and center with our clients to be sure we are doing all we can to make their network run productively, securely and quickly!