image-security-first-thing-to-do-when-hackedQuick Tip:  Uninstall Apple’s QuickTime media player from all your Windows machines.

Why?  Maybe you have an iPad or iPhone that you sync or back up to one or more of your Windows machines. Or perhaps you just downloaded iTunes at some point. Then it’s quite likely you have Apple’s QuickTime media player installed. Some websites used QuickTime as the default player on their site which would install QuickTime on your machine.

Apple announced that it is retiring QuickTime for Windows and it will no longer be updating the program. QuickTime has at least two known vulnerabilities on Windows machines.

What To Do:

Simple… uninstall it. This will eliminate any potential risks and use an alternate media player such as those built-in to Windows instead.

Additional Note:

For our Capstone managed service clients, IT Radix will be auditing your covered machines for QuickTime and will let you know if you have it installed. We can remove it remotely upon your approval. For all other clients, if you would like assistance with this, please call or email us today.

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