image-eyelashToday’s business environment moves at a rapid pace–a pace unheard of even just 15 years ago.  A service-based business like the Lash House Beauty Boutique in Livingston, New Jersey, should not have to put up with slow computers not allowing them to service its customers in a professional and timely fashion.  Making appointments, changing schedules, organizing staffing, ordering supplies, and making business plans are all done on a just a few computers at a small business like Lash House; but when computers slow down, business comes to a halt.

That is why Suzette and Danny Zuena, owners of Lash House Beauty Boutique, reached out to IT Radix.  We were able to help them by providing some routine maintenance services on their computers that made a dramatic and positive difference in the speed of everything.  Soon thereafter we helped them move an office to another floor to make more room for their growing practice.

We are pleased to have them as a valued client.  Click here to learn more about the Lash House Beauty Boutique.