image-supermanAre you still running important business applications and websites using Windows Server 2003? While we’ve spent the past year getting our desktops and laptops off of Windows XP before its end of life, it’s now time to get Windows Server 2003 Out!

Regular “mainstream” support for Windows Server 2003 ended 4 years ago, and Microsoft’s extended support for Windows Server 2003 will end on July 14, 2015. That’s only 5 months away! YIKES!

Once the end of life period hits, Microsoft will not release patches and updates for Windows Server 2003, leaving your company wide open to attack. Once security patches and updates for Windows Server 2003 stop, businesses will find themselves not only vulnerable to attack, but also non-compliant with HIPPA, SOX, etc. which requires that machines have the latest security updates. Vulnerability to security risks will result in an officially recognized control failure by internal/external audits, resulting in suspension of certifications and public awareness of your company’s inability to adequately maintain its systems and customer information, thus tarnishing your business’ reputation. KAPOW! This creates a significant security hole for companies, and they need to start planning now to perform updates before next summer.

Let IT Radix help you upgrade to Windows Server 2012 for better performance, improved security/compliance features, and enhanced management.

First published in our July 2014 IT Radix Resource newsletter