image-cd-music-noteAt IT Radix, we enjoy helping our clients achieve their business goals through the use of technology. Many of our clients do not have the benefit of in-house IT support and we love providing these services for them. However, quite a few of our clients are fortunate to have quality members on their team to provide in-house technical support and expertise. While initially it may not seem like a good duet, in these cases, we work in concert with the inhouse staff to provide a variety of IT-related services.

These services include consulting on specific technologies or areas of expertise. For example, a number of our clients have built and support their own in-house line of business applications. While the person or persons responsible for the application has loads of knowledge about the application and the business, quite often they need some help in network infrastructure, email services, security and more. This is where IT Radix comes in, providing a little help to our friends. As John Sinclair, MIS/Operations Manager of Body Wrappers, says, “We’ve tapped into IT Radix’s knowledge and expertise for planning and implementing our backup strategy, our Exchange migration and more. It’s really great to be able to work together to ensure the best solutions are in place for our company.”

In other cases, the in-house staff is very confident and comfortable in providing general user and desktop support; however, they prefer to leave server technology and support to us. Many of these clients leverage our managed service plans which covers all server and network components. As Debbie Duch from SKG Consulting says, “It’s great to work with the IT Radix team on server issues that I don’t have time to handle. It gives me peace of mind to know that the IT Radix tech will pursue the problem to a reasonable resolution.  I need to focus on our internal business needs, not a server backup issue.” IT Radix handles on a day-to-day basis the care and feeding of these key network components. In addition, we provide the in-house staff an escalation point for any issues that they may be unable to resolve themselves, knowing that together, we can work it out.

Occasionally, our clients have a large project or multiple projects in progress and just need additional hands to assist with the execution of the project. In these cases, they call us, saying “Help! I need somebody! Not just anybody!” and we’re happy to roll up our sleeves and dig in, be it scanning 50+ machines for viruses and then rolling out a new virus application, relocating a server room or other project. Each project brings its unique challenges which keeps us on our toes.

In all cases, we see it as our job to ensure the in-house IT personnel are Juke Box Heroes within their organization by providing them quality advice and supplemental support services eight days a week.

IT Radix and You…let’s make beautiful music together!

First published in our April 2014 IT Radix Resource newsletter